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Review of the Bob Revolution 12″ AW stroller

The Bob 12″ AW Revolution stroller is much like the regular Revolutions stroller, with narrower alloy spoked wheels. According to the Bob website, the wheels on the 12 inch version take up less space when the stroller is folded up – however the dimenions for both models when folded up with wheels on is 16.9 inches, so there really is no difference.

The only worthwhile change with this model is that the weight is also brought down to a slightly more reasonable 22lbs (10kgs) for the single and 31lbs (14kgs) for the double version (Duallie).

Of course it could well be argued that the spoked wheels look a lot cooler than the plastic ones, and as such it probably does have better ‘street appeal’.

US MRP is $399 for the single and $589 for the double stroller.

Bob 12" AW Revolution Stroller